Syringe filter, MCE PTFE PES NY syringe filter,hplc vials and caps,glass vials,professional consumables manufacturer
Petri dish,cell culture plate,cell culture dish, cell culture flask,serological pipette,Erlenmeyer shake Flasks,square media bottles, certified by ISO 13485 and CE
Pipette tips, centrifuge tube, 8 strip tubes,pcr single tube, and PCR plate, seal film,support OEM ODM customization
Cryovial tube,freezing tube and freezing box,cryovial Storage Box,cryo ttube rack,OEM &ODM service offered
Urine cup,specimen container,stool container,plastic reagent bottle,vacuum specimen container etc.Noke has 4 production bases and the delivery time is very fast
  • Lab Glassware
    Glass products used for measurement or measurement in the experiment include beakers, measuring cylinders, volumetric flasks, measuring cups,conical flask, graduated pipette etc
Laboratory centrifuge,micro pipette,pipettor,magnetic stirrer,orbital shaker,roller mixer,vortex mixer.Noke support minor customization

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