• 6/12/24/48/96/384-well PS cell Culture Plate for laboratory cell culture
    May 08, 2023
    NOKE ps cell culture plates are designed to provide a stable, uniform environment for cell growth. These plates are made of high-quality polystyrene with a consistent surface for cell attachment, making them an excellent choice for experiments requiring consistent cell growth. The advanced surface treatment of NOKE plates promotes cell adhesion and growth, resulting in a higher number of viable cells and improved cellular performance. In addition to providing a platform for successful research, NOKE tissue cell culture plates are also user-friendly and easy to handle. The plates are available in different sizes, ranging from 6 well to 384 well plates, to accommodate the needs of different research projects. Square tissue culture plate feature raised, easy-to-read graduations making them easy to handle and reducing the risk of contamination. NOKE cell culture plates are also sterile and ready-to-use, which saves significant time and effort in preparing cultures.   — Made of high quality PS material by ultraprecise mould with automatic technique.Used for fungus,bacteria and other microorganism culture. — 6 optional types:6 well cell culture plate ,12 well cell culture plate,24 well cell culture plate, 48 well cell culture plate,96 well cell culture plate,384 well cell culture plate — According to the shape of bottom,it can be classified to:Flat bottom,U-bottom and V-bottom. — Single direction lid design with coherent ring reduces contamination. — A good combination of the lid and plate,convenient for air exchange and avoid medium contamination or loss. — Flange design for the wells prevents cross contamination.Molded letters and numbers helps locating in experiment. — Can be stacked up to save the space and good for lab environment. — Good compatibility,adapted to most of the machines. — Available in E.O. or Gamma radiation sterile.
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