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    Aug 02, 2023
    laboratory centrifuge tubes, made of polypropylene (PP), are essential instruments in laboratory research, enabling effective sample separation, storage, and analysis.  Polypropylene Material: eppendorf tubes  are primarily manufactured using polypropylene (PP), a versatile and robust material widely appreciated in laboratory settings. PP offers exceptional chemical resistance, rendering it compatible with a broad range of reagents and solvents. Its low protein binding properties help preserve the integrity of samples, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Moreover, PP's durability and resistance to deformation guarantee the safe handling of samples during high-speed centrifugation.   Wide Size Range: Centrifuge tubes are available in various sizes to suit different experimental needs. From micro centrifuge tubes (0.2 mL to 2 mL) to larger conical tubes (up to 50 mL), researchers can select the optimal size based on their sample volume and experimental requirements. This extensive range ensures flexibility and accommodates diverse research applications, from molecular biology to clinical diagnostics and beyond.   Superior Sealing Performance: Centrifuge tubes are designed with meticulous attention to sealing performance, safeguarding samples throughout centrifugation, storage, and transportation. The screw caps integrated into centrifuge tubes provide a secure and leak-proof seal. This prevents evaporation, cross-contamination, and sample loss due to mishandling. The reliable seal ensures the sample's integrity, leading to precise and consistent outcomes.   Broad Temperature Tolerance Range: Centrifuge tubes are engineered to withstand a wide temperature range, making them versatile tools for a variety of laboratory procedures. The PP material used in their construction ensures their resilience in extreme temperatures, including cryogenic conditions and high-temperature applications. This broad temperature tolerance enables researchers to perform a range of techniques such as centrifugation, heat-induced reactions, and cryopreservation, without concerns about tube integrity or sample stability.    
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