• China Popular cryo tubes
    Jun 07, 2023
    Cryo tubes, also known as cryogenic tubes, are specially designed containers used for storing biological materials at very low temperatures, typically ranging from -80°C to -196°C. They are commonly used in laboratories, medical research facilities, and other scientific settings where biological samples, such as cells, tissues, and DNA, need to be stored for future use or analysis. We have several types:external/internal cryovial cryo tubes, black O-ring cryo tubes, and Plastic Cryovial Storage Box 1. Made of medical grade polypropylene material, the tube is highly transparent and easy to observe the sample; 2. 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml  lab use cryovial tubes are available in various specifications 3. Cap and body are sealed with silicone ring to ensure the integrity of the seal under various conditions; 4. Easy to identify and distinguish individual cryopreservation tubes, white marking area and clear scale to facilitate user marking and calibration capacity; 5. DNase/RNase free, No pyrogen; 6. Withstand -196°℃~121℃, safe storage under the condition of liquid nitrogen phase.
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