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    Apr 12, 2023
    *Factory PCR SINGLE TUBE · Plastic PCR single tube is made of polypropylene (PP). Its thin wall and smooth surface ensure the effectiveness and uniformity of heat transfer between samples. It is suitable for mainstream PCR instrument and real-time PCR instrument in the market.· The pipe cover and the pipe body are connected in an integrated way, which has good sealing performance, prevents pollution, and is easy to open the cover.· Rnase & Dnase Free, Non-pyrogenic pcr tube *PCR STRIP TUBES ·The use of clean polypropylene raw materials, thin wall 8-Strips tubes  , and uniform thickness, to ensure good heat conduction. · Have 8-Strips and also 0.1ml 4-strips pcr tube ·The eight joint pipe cover and pipe body have good sealing performance when closed, prevent pollution, and easy to open the cover.·It is suitable for PCR instrument of corresponding module specification.  *0.1ml 96-well pcr plate,PCR PLATE ·Strictly produced in accordance with high-quality standards, the experimental results are uniform, the tube wall is thin and uniform, and can use 8/12 strip tube covers or sealing film. ·Advanced 100,000-level purification workshop production to ensure that the products are pyrogen-free, endotoxin-free, DNase-free, and RNase-free. ·The product has undergone rigorous design, manufacturing and compatibility testing to ensure that the experimental data is accurate and effective.
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