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Noke Lab's Success Shines at AACC Exhibition

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Noke Lab's Success Shines at AACC Exhibition

August 01, 2023

Noke Lab, a professional manufacturer in the field of laboratory equipment and consumables, their presence at the exhibition left a significant impact on attendees, thanks to the diverse range of high-quality products on display. 

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Pipette Tips:

Noke Lab's assortment of pipette tips drew significant attention from attendees at the AACC Exhibition. These tips offer precise and efficient liquid aspiration, ensuring accurate and controlled sample extraction. With various sizes and designs available, Noke Lab's tips cater to the specific needs of different laboratory procedures, enhancing experimental integrity and workflow efficiency.


Centrifuge Tubes:

These tubes are designed to withstand high rotational speeds while maintaining sample integrity, making them ideal for various centrifugation applications. Attendees appreciated the durability, leak-proof design, and excellent sealing capabilities of Noke Lab's centrifuge tubes, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.


PCR series:

Noke Lab's PCR series, including PCR tubes and PCR plates, garnered significant attention from researchers and clinicians alike. These types are designed to optimize the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process, facilitating DNA amplification and analysis. With precise well-to-well consistency, excellent thermal conductivity, and compatibility with standard PCR instruments, Noke Lab's PCR types make them a top choice for molecular biology applications.


Cell Culture:

Noke Lab's cell culture series showcased their dedication to advancing cell-based research. These types provide optimal cell growth conditions, ensuring the viability and functionality of various cell lines. Attendees recognized the high-quality materials, such as cell-grade polystyrene, used in Noke Lab's cell culture types, as well as their ease of use and excellent optical properties for microscopic analysis.


Reagent Bottles:

Noke Lab's reagent bottles demonstrated their commitment to precise and contamination-free reagent storage. The bottles come in various sizes and designs, ensuring compatibility with different laboratory applications. Attendees were impressed by the airtight seals, chemical resistance, and clarity of Noke Lab's reagent bottles, minimizing the risk of sample degradation and ensuring accurate and reliable experimental outcomes.


Noke Lab's remarkable success at the AACC Exhibition can be attributed to their diverse and high-quality product lineup. The inclusion of suction heads, centrifuge tubes, cryopreservation tubes, PCR types, cell culture types, reagent bottles, and analytical consumables demonstrated Noke Lab's commitment to providing cutting-edge laboratory solutions. Through their innovative products, Noke Lab continues to empower scientific and clinical professionals, enabling them to achieve exceptional results in their research and diagnostics endeavors.

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