• Syringe filter
    May 16, 2023
    Syringe filter       It is widely used in laboratories, it does not need to replace membrane and cleaning, save your working time. Mainly be used for sample filter, take out particulars, liquid and gas sterile filtration. Ideal products for HPLC, GC sample filtration. Our syringe filter outside use medical grade polypropylene, up and down is made by ultrasonic welding. One time shipped integrated body, could bear high temperature, will not have leakage at all.   Our Advantage: 1. Syringe filter outside case use high qualified Health level polypropylene material (PP)2. Structure is precision, guarantee filtration is smoothly, inside space is reasonable, residual rate is very low.3. Could bear pressure reach to 7bar4. Our membrane is from the world largest filtration membrane company(PALL, 3M and Millipore), which guarantee stable quality,high precision of the membrane aperture, supply utmost protection for your instrument and GC column.5. Stable membrane quality. No difference between batch and batch assures the analysis result consistently.6.Standard female and male lure lock ☆Nylon syringe filters offer universal application for analytical procedures.Hydrophilic Nylon is ideal for aqueous (non-acidic)or organic sample prep and HPLC,GC or dissolution sample analysis. ☆ hydrophilic property,no need to moist before ☆Syringe Filters for Cell Culture provide effective filtrationfor a wide variety of sample types ☆High protein binding and high dirt loading capacity ☆PTFE Hydrophobic membrane with loW protein binding. ☆ Resistant to organic solvents as well as strong acids and bases. ☆ Low in extractables. ☆Main applications are the filtration of non-aqueous samples. ☆Prior to filtering of aqueous samples themembrane must be pre-wetted with a water-miscible organic solvent. ☆MCE Hydrophilic membranes with high porosity provides high flowrate. ☆Biologically inert mixture of Cellulose Acetate and Cellulose Nitrate membranes which ☆have higher protein binding than CA for most proteins. ☆Good use for aqueous based samples. ☆PES Hydrophilic membrane with Broad solvent compatibility. ☆ Suitable for filtration of aqueous and compatible organicsolvents. ☆Higher liquid flow than either PTFE or PVDF. ☆Low in extractables.Low protein binding
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