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2023 Pittcon Exhibition Review| Brighter Future

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2023 Pittcon Exhibition Review| Brighter Future

April 04, 2023

NOKE LAB, a leading manufacturer of laboratory supplies, recently participated in the PITTCON 2023 exhibition and achieved great success.


The event was held from March 20th to March 22th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was attended by many leading industry professionals. At the event, NOKELAB showcased its latest products, including Liquid handling & PCR series(pipette tips, robotic tips,centrifuge tubes,8 strip tubes etc),Culture series products(petri dishes,cell culture dish,cell culture flask,etc),Analytical Consumables(syringe filter,glass vials,etc),Freezing products(cryovial,cryo box etc),Sample Collection products(urine cup,reagent bottle,etc).



The company's products were well-received by attendees at the event. Many praised NOKELAB for its innovative designs and high-quality materials used in its products. Attendees were also impressed with the company's commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

NOKE LAB was able to showcase their innovative products and services to attendees from around the world while providing valuable insights into how their products can help laboratories increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs.


Overall, NOKELAB had a successful experience at PITTCON 2023. The company is looking forward to participating in future events and continuing to provide quality laboratory supplies for researchers around the world.

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