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Analitika 2023|Noke Makes Labs Better

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Analitika 2023|Noke Makes Labs Better

April 24, 2023

NOKELAB, a leading laboratory equipment manufacturer, recently participated in the highly anticipated Russian laboratory industry's Analitika 2023 exhibition. The event showcased the latest innovation and technology in the industry and attracted numerous visitors from across the region.


NOKELAB, known for its lab consumables, managed to create a buzz at the exhibition with its state-of-the-art displays and demonstrations. Many visitors were impressed with the company's advanced products and praised the level of precision and quality they could offer. Notable among the products showcased by NOKELAB were its range of including Liquid handling & PCR series(pipette tips, robotic tips,centrifuge tubes,8 strip tubes etc),Culture series products(petri dishes,cell culture dish,cell culture flask,etc),Analytical Consumables(syringe filter,glass vials,etc),Freezing products(cryovial,cryo box etc),Sample Collection products(urine cup,reagent bottle,etc)...These procucts drew the attention of visitors from diverse fields, including biotechnology, chemical engineering, and healthcare.

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"We were delighted to participate in the Analitika 2023 exhibition," said NOKELAB's spokesperson. "It allowed us to showcase our latest innovative products and connect with potential clients from around the region. Our team worked tirelessly to provide visitors with a great experience, and we were pleased to receive such positive feedback regarding our products' quality and accuracy." The exhibition's success bodes well for NOKELAB's future prospects, with the company set to increase its sales significantly in the coming year.


NOKELAB's participation at the Analitika 2023 exhibition reinforced its commitment to providing cutting-edge Lab Consumables and support its customers in achieving their goals accurately. In conclusion, NOKELAB's participation in the Analitika 2023 exhibition was undoubtedly successful, attracting a significant buzz and praise for its advanced products. With its commitment to providing innovative and reliable Lab Consumables, NOKELAB's future looks bright, and the industry should keep an eye on them as they continue to innovate to enhance lab technology.

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